Happy New Year!

We are eleven days into 2013, and one of our New Year’s Resolutions is to be more diligent in posting on our blog. We love our new website, and we have plenty to write about (2012 was our busiest year yet). But it’s been about six months since we last posted anything, and we are determined to post more often this year. Last year was amazing. We worked with more schools all across Arizona than we ever had before, DJ’ing every type of high school event, from pep rallies and homecomings to winter formals and proms to graduation ceremonies and grad nights. We worked with more brides and grooms than we ever had before, from weddings in Tubac, to Tucson, to Tempe. And we received more reviews on our wedding DJ services than ever before, resulting in us winning the Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire. You can see that award, and read those reviews, on Wedding Wire.
2012 was a big year for us. We danced with more people of all ages than ever before. We expanded our skill set by redesigning the entire sound system in Cienaga High School’s football stadium. Now the Bobcats can hear the music and announcements clearly- even over the cheers of their fans. We love fashion shows, and we DJ’d more fashion shows in 2012 than ever before.
We worked a lot more in 2012. And as a result, there are other things we did more of by default. We spent more time at the gas pump, filling up the ambo’ (our ambulance) or the MSU (the mobile storage unit, our box truck). More time at gas stations meant eating more jalapeno dogs, at least for some of us. We hired some more crew members/prom kings, and we all drank more energy drinks to keep us up when we were tearing down a prom until 4am.
Last year we did more of what we do, creating amazing experiences with our DJs, our light techs, our dancers, and our production team. This year, we want to do it all again.
But add some more. 🙂

Happy 2013! Can You Dig It?