At Satyr Entertainment we love high school dances and events and have been taking them to new levels each and every school year. We are requested to perform at schools all over the Southwest and that’s because our dances are like nothing you have ever seen. We are very particular when it comes to your schools’ dance and we train our DJ’s, dancers, percussionists, and performers to have a style that will blow you away! No one has ever been able to replicate and perform at school events like we do and you will be witness to this in the response you get from the student body when we come to rock the house!


We also custom design and create the look and feel of each dance based directly on your theme, budget, and student body desires. We customize every package to cater directly to your school, we produce all of our own lighting and theme design to make each dance unique, and help you plan, and advertise the event so everyone will be in the loop.


No matter what your budget we can help you create a theme, atmosphere, and energy for your dances that everyone will RAVE about!


Satyr Entertainment also works with schools each year to put on other unique events. These events can help with fundraising or be great events that will help raise the school spirit within the student body. From Mr. High School pageants and Battle of the bands, to Cosmic Dodgeball and spirit events, we have lots of tricks up our sleeves to help you create unique and entertaining events that will help get the whole school involved.