Our very first event was a wedding in Tucson, Arizona. That was over ten years ago, and we’ve been in love with them ever since. We’re serious-we love weddings. We get goose bumps when the bride walks out for the ceremony and we get choked up when the groom starts crying. We love seeing friends and family full of smiles and joy, and, of course, we love filling the dance floor. Here’s why you should choose us to be a part of your wedding.


WE BELIEVE IN GREAT MUSIC. Good music is the foundation for the entire night. The right music welcomes the guests before the ceremony. The right music sets the mood during dinner. The right music gets people up out of their seats and dancing afterwards. We love pop and Top 40 as much as anyone, but we strive to bring different tunes to the table. We work with brides and grooms to find the perfect mix of music with intoxicating energy and spot-on beats. We definitely take requests, but we make do-not-play lists as well.


WE BELIEVE IN RICH SOUND. Sound should be heard clearly-whether it’s the vows at the ceremony, a toast at the reception, or the last song of the night. We like sound that isn’t harsh or too loud. We do this with name-brand professional sound equipment, QSC and Mackie. To us, the quality of our sound is as important as anything else. We sound good.


WE BELIEVE IN GORGEOUS LIGHTING. Lighting should be warm, colorful, and inviting. We aren’t in to dance floors covered in green and red dots. We like dance floors that have energy, variation, and look great in photos. We don’t just light up the dance floor. We can uplight the entire reception hall, cathedral, backyard, or wherever your wedding is taking place. We do video and custom gobos too.


WE BELIEVE THE FOCUS SHOULD BE ON YOU. It’s your celebration, and we feel privileged to be a part of it. We’ll have just as much fun as you and your guests, but we also make sure to stay professional. We emcee the event with a light touch, our announcements are courteous and concise. We keep the reception moving on your schedule. We don’t tell jokes, play games, or do anything else that might pull everyone’s attention from where it belongs, which is you. It’s your wedding. It’s your celebration. We never forget this.