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We are all artists at heart, committed to creativity and driven to design our events to be truly dynamic and unique. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients and their guests will not only be satisfied but will remember their event for a lifetime. With each event, we raise the bar for event production in the Southwest. Then we get up. And do it all over again. Blazing a trail with the most explosive and dynamic events you will ever attend.
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With our backgrounds in theater, music production, media arts, technical design, and engineering we have been raising the standard for all aspects of your production needs. We have helped develop many productions including stage performances, films, concerts, touring shows, corporate incentive retreats, and many other production-related events. From large scale multi-day events, to video film editing.
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Springtime is one of the busy seasons in Tucson, with pleasant weather and events of all type taking place. We’ve been working on playlists for our springtime weddings, and it inspired us to make another blog post (we’ve got to keep up on our two posts per year). This post is going to focus on ceremony music, specifically the recessional song. This is the song that plays at the end of the ceremony, after you kiss…

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