Our live streaming services are a valuable and cost-effect service to include in graduations for family members that are not able to attend the physical graduation. Families have big hurdles they face trying to get their members to see the graduation. Financial strains from traveling, sick family members who cannot attend, work/personal conflicts, travel delays, as well as many other factors that make it hard or near impossible to attend the physical graduation ceremony. We can provide live stream video production services for any type of graduation. With our extensive experience, cutting-edge equipment, and service-oriented approach, we offer one-stop shopping for the entire streaming process: pre-production, customization of the video player, broadcast identity design, live encoding. We can go on location to produce and stream the live graduation thus ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Graduation

  • Extend the graduation ceremony across the globe to all family members
  • Helps mitigate the problems associated with attending the live event
  • Easier to see the ceremony on a screen than from the top of stands or far away
  • Can incorporate pre-made videos or any other presentation element to the program
  • Can include the music from school orchestras or choirs into the live stream
  • Live Event Analytics
  • Too many other to list here!

Live Streaming Infrastructure

  • Professional 4K & HD Cameras
  • Studio-Grade Production Video Switchers
  • Custom Live Hosting Platform
  • Custom Broadcast Graphics, Overlays, and Video Edits for stream
  • Integrated Audio, Live Video, and Pre-recorded Videos
  • Recorded Event for Playback
  • Tech Support for the event