The Silent Disco Experience

Experiencing music on a whole new level is now possible with Satyr Silent Disco. Guests have total control of their individual experience while they immerse themselves into the music. Each guest can seamlessly bounce between up to 3 music sources, with just a flip of a switch, right on their individual headphones. Our headphones are great for all different types of events and applications; from high energy and diverse DJs in a festival setting, to soothing sounds in a yoga session, and everything in between.  On the next pages are some options and packages we offer.  If you don’t see anything that fits your specific event, please contact us to see how we can customize our Satyr Silent Disco to meet your needs.

The Professional Silent Disco

Pairing our sleek silent disco headphones with our professional team will give you and your guests the professional experience they deserve. It can all  be managed right there and then for you so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the event you worked so hard to put on. Our team has 100s of silent discos under our belts and are always ready for the task at hand.