Meet the Team

Luke Bishop

Artistic Director and Talent Booker
Originally from the midwest, Luke received a BFA from the Acting and Directing program at the University of Arizona. In 2003, he founded Satyr Entertainment, a live production company servicing all of the southwest. Since its inception, Luke and his team have produced numerous live events and productions which have seen gross sales rise on average of 25% each year. Luke’s connections in the entertainment industry have led him to be the go-to guy for talent booking and artist acquisition. His team at Satyr Entertainment has helped produce many independent live events all over the southwest, including Decadence, Pot of Gold Festival, Crush, Nationwide Corporate Retreat, Des-Tech Technology Conference, Phoenix Comic-Con, Go Daddy Annual Holiday Party, Dreamfest, and many more.

Trent Hoffman

Lead Stage Manager and Director of Business Operations
An Arizona native, Trent graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Sports Management. He figured out early on in his career that he stunk at sports but wanted to get into the field of production management and joined our team in 2016. Since then he manages all of our live events and productions and has built an entire team of assistant stage managers and crew members to support us along the way.

Andre States

Technical Director, Lead Sound Engineer, Lead Lighting Designer
Also a graduate of the University of Arizona, Andre started working for Satyr Entertainment in college to get some experience in the tech side of live production and hasn’t left since. He has been with the company for 8 years and handles all of the technical sides of our live performances. He has developed an audio and lighting training program for our company and continues to train and manage new crew members as we grow our performances and touring shows.

Demetri Dillard

Lead Promoter
Demetri is currently attending Arizona State University where he is getting a degree in Marketing. He loves the entertainment world and thrives off of live performances so is the perfect fit for us as our lead promotor. Demitri brings a youthful energy to his team of promoters and lays the foundation for selling tickets to all of our events.

Andre Edwards

Andre started out as an intern in our promotion department and is now is on full-time with our company. He has the best ground game in the state for promoting and marketing our shows and always has a relentless pursuit to make sure everyone possible knows about our upcoming events.